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Office, Heslinki

Finnish bar association

Office space: 1000m2 FULL RENOVATION

: The goal of the project was to design new, representative premises for the Finnish Bar Association. The premises included an entrance hall and a reception desk, auditoriums and conference rooms, lounge spaces, work rooms and a staff cafeteria. The design philosophy of the project is based on the Northern Minimalist aesthetic. A few materials and colors were used in the interior which was combined with functional and in some places spectacular lighting.

: Both, the representativeness and the practicality, were sought in the selection of materials. The main material is Fantoni lamellar acoustic board which is used in both on the ceiling and on the walls. The other materials have been chosen in order to support the existence of the wooden board. The light floor (woven vinyl carpet) lightens the appearance of the space while the black color organizes and demarcates. Brass details bring a dash of luxury.

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