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The project has been done in collaboration with Skanno, Helsinki 


: The style and atmosphere of this spacious residence had to be very representative, but in the same time very relaxed and cosy. The high ceilings, whose dimensions in the living room are up to five meters, had to be designed with the idea of ​​making them sufficiently decorative but not overly showy. Important spaces such as the hallway and the living room had to be memorable.

The interior design task included the selection of surfaces such as floor and wall materials and the design of the ceilings and the lighting. Furniture choices were an important part of the interior design and were our focus from the beginning of the project till the very end of the project.

:The quality and timelessness of materials, lighting and furniture were an absolute requirement from the customer’s point of view. This is how we ended up using white Carrara marble, oak Chevron parquet, high baseboards and well thought out wall and door decorative details in our material palette.

The motto of the designers “The design is in the details” was strongly present in this project as well.

The colour chart of the apartment included black, white and, in addition to wood, brass as an accent, as well as crumbling earthy colours in the furniture, which we brightened up with dark red and purple at some places.

Art did its part in such a representative apartment and completed the atmosphere of dignity.

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