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The project has been done in collaboration with Skanno, Helsinki 


: Residence 3 had to be designed from a different perspective - it is an attic apartment and in style it had to be more relaxed but still quite valuable. Quality and detail of the design were also a priority. The challenge was the lighting, which we designed to fit a sloping ceiling. By using recessed long profile luminaires combined with detachable directional spots, we successfully and elegantly managed the lighting and thus made it a significant part of the space.

: The scale of the interior materials was minimalistic - dark grey micro cement and dark wood of the floor combined with the white of the roof.

Fixed furniture such as kitchens, cabinets and wardrobes were followed by an earthy broken colour scheme. Loose furniture complemented the space with shapes and understated accent colours freshened with pastel cobalt blue in the textiles.

Tranquillity, quality and timeless style were the goal of the project and it was achieved with the cooperation of all parties involved in the project.

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