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Product design


Product: Office furniture series

: A series of office furniture, Ramka, was born from the desire to design aesthetic and practical office furniture. The idea arose from the need to organise a modern office to accommodate the masses of electronic equipment, the need for flexible workstations and the wish to work together yet privately. To solve the various needs, Ramka series can be transformed according to the need and purpose.

: The Ramka series features three main products.

Its’ storage unit is a flexible office unit as it combines a more traditional wooden office cabinet with flexible metal upper part. In the upper part one can place wooden modules for books or even plants, making each unit unique. The divider unit separates workstations as well as keeps the space looking nice and tidy by hiding loose cables running from one workstation to another. The final product is a clothes rack to add a practical and minimalistic flair to any modern space.

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